Rev Tyson McKay Extended Bio (BASc)

Tyson.McKayAppointed to the office Designated Minister Jan 18, 2018. Since that time, Tyson has served the fellowship with great distinction in Calgary celebrating Life Celebrations (Weddings) in the area of Pastoral Care. His services are very much in demand.

Academic Achievements

  • University of Regina. Bachelor of Applied Science. Petroleum Systems Engineering.
  • Diploma. Petroleum Engineering Technology. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

General Bio

Tyson is married to a teacher and has two daughters. As well as his ministry, Tyson is a stay at home dad.

Tyson sits on the Board of the Twins, Triplets and More Association of Calgary.

He loves reading and badminton, plays hockey, snowboards and water skis as well as wakeboards.

Tyson is very comfortable and experienced speaking in public. He loves getting involved with couples as together they plan the Life Celebration of Marriage.

He is friendly, confident, detail oriented, and organized.


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