Rev Steven Stauffer Extended Bio


Rev Steven, who lives in Edmonton, has been with the Church since March 2017 as an Appointed Designated Minister. On March 15, 2018 our Board promoted him to the status of Ordained Minister because of his excellent service record, his qualifications and character. His roots are in the Mennonite and Baptist traditions. In this context, life experience will be treated as analogous to theological training.

Academic Achievements

  • Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University
  • Studied at Stockholm University and University of Alberta

Personal Growth and Study

I take great interest in personal growth and am an avid reader. It’s hard to know what specifically to list as I read a lot of philosophy and various articles, but as for recent books I’ve read The 5 Love Languages; Winning Bigly; How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big; Dataclysm: Love, Sex, Identity and What our Online Lives Tell Us; Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behaviour; Thinking, Fast and Slow; Men Explain Things to Me; Notes From The Underground; The Beauty Myth; Sex At Dawn.

Giving Back to my Community

I also volunteer for Cornerstone Counselling Centre writing blog posts and helping with fundraising videos.

Describing my Ministry

In a broader sense, I have a mission to help people help themselves. I would describe my ministry as one of activity and engagement.

I often lead discussions on books, philosophy, our personal lives, and the various topics of the day. I consider leading these discussions to be one of my greatest contributions to my ministry. We share literature and articles and discuss them every morning and throughout the day.

I engage people. I engage my friends and volunteer on an irregular basis when in town.

I perform weddings – taking part in something as important to the community as marriage is a great responsibility that I am grateful for and take seriously.


  • Edmonton One-Act Festival Young Playwright Award
  • Kiefte Prize for political philosophy


I hosted the Edmonton Soccer Awards in 2017; perform on stage as a comedian, musician and story-teller; play on a rec league hockey team; am a freelance writer for various internet publications; Coach Kids’ Soccer in Scotland.

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