Rev Patricia Rogan


Rev Patricia, who lives in Sherwood Park, was accepted by our Church Board according to the church standards of ministry criteria to treat life experiences as analogous to academic achievements. On November 30/2016, she was appointed to the office of Appointed Designated Minister. She went through our regular training program with the Canadian Ministers Institute. Her training also included a strong mentoring program in all aspects of Life Celebrations with a senior minister. For the present her ministry will continue as it is, with Life Celebrations and some Pastoral Care.


Swimming, reading, walking, study of paranormal and spiritual activity.

Personal Growth

I have been told I have great listening skills and listen objectively to people without judgement.

This year has been challenging. I am now in a position to be able to look to expand my skills. I used to have a fear of public speaking, so why become a celebrant? I saw the opportunity and realized it was something I really wanted to do, but was unsure if I could actually do it.

I applied and received great support and instruction, particularly in the form of a mentor Debra Harrison who lives locally, she informed me she practised ceremonies on her teddy bears, so I tried this method, which I found worked for me, crazy as that sounds. I now have so much confidence when I perform a Ceremony and no nerves at all regardless of the size of the audience. I have been performing Ceremonies for three years now and my confidence has soared. I regularly receive great feedback from my Life Celebration ceremonies and comments about how much they enjoyed the Service. Only recently, I performed a Ceremony to a sobbing couple who said that it was so amazing, and I received the thumbs up from two of the guests after the Ceremony. Through it, I have learned to tackle fear head on.


Dual Citizenship UK and Canadian

Giving back to the Community

  • I was a volunteer helper at The Clothes Line for 5 months which is a local Charity.
  • I am getting involved in visiting Senior Homes. Ditto with prison inmates.
  • I am a strong supporter of Animal rights and participate and donate on a regular basis with local animal charities.
  • I rescue animals. I have two rescue cats, one is 16 years old and the other 7. I also had a West Highland Terrier dog that came with us from the UK when we moved 10 years ago.

Pastoral Care

A 10 star testimonial. “I just wanted to say Thank You. Our celebrant, the Rev Patricia Rogan was truly amazing. As my parents are older and hard of hearing it was quite a chore for her to get them to repeat their vows but she had so much patience with them. And she kept the ceremony as short as possible as requested. Once again, thanks again, and I give Patricia 10 stars.” – Sandra & Robert

As a footnote, I have recently been contacted to perform a Ceremony for a lady who has bad health and wishes to renew her vows. I reached out to her immediately and reiterated our policy “Your Wedding, Your Way” to confirm it is her day and she is to take her time, have breaks if necessary during Ceremony, sit down, whatever makes her comfortable. She immediately replied that she was so grateful that I had contacted her, she seeks great comfort in looking at her original Wedding Album and wants to renew her vows to create new and fresher memories. She described me as her “Angel” and I feel that no higher praise can be bestowed.