Rev Dr Linda Ormson (BN; MTS; D.Min)


Rev Dr Linda, who lives in High River, joined our Church as an Appointed Designated Minister on Sept 13, 2017. She quickly demonstrated a fine professionalism, caring Ministry and sound Theology. In May 2018, our Board recognized her abilities as a cleric and her academic achievements and thus raised her to the Ordained Ministry of the Church.

Academic Achievements

  • BN (with distinction). Athabasca, AB.
  • MST. Master of Theological Studies in Spirituality and Liturgy. St Andrews College Saskatoon, SK.
  • Doctor of Ministry, St Stephen’s College. Edmonton, AB.

Rev Linda’s Thoughts on Theology

My theology is God centred, with a focus on healthy theology.

God loves and accepts us regardless of our faults. God does not cause bad things to happen in our lives, that is the risk of living, but when bad/sad things do happen, as they often do, God is there to love and support you on your journey.

Much of my healthy theological view is based on the work of the 5th century philosopher, Anicius Boethius, who stressed God’s loving, caring and supporting presence in our lives. I agree with Boethius that God is not in control of your life, you are! You are responsible for your choices and actions and God will journey with you whatever your choice, whatever happens throughout your life.


I bring a warm and caring attitude to all my services.

I am kept busy serving various United Church congregations as Pulpit Supply and other invitations to lead in worship in the wider district.

I also lead spiritual retreats for women several times a year.

Pastoral Care

  • I exercise an active Funeral Ministry of Pastoral Care. Many funerals involve Bereavement counselling.
  • I am also a chaplain at Sunrise Village in High River.
  • I also has an active outreach ministry conducting life celebrations (primarily weddings) to those with limited or no church connection.


Reading, writing, swimming and quilting.

I have 25 years of public speaking experience.

I am a published author and my latest book is: Healthy Theology and Your Journey:Through the Last Half of Life. This book focuses on God’s love and support as we grow older and how to do it with God’s help. I follow the teachings of Jesus (love God, your neighbour, self and our earth).