Rev Laurie Rupert


Rev Laurie is being raised to the office of Ordained Christian Minister in Clergy Support Memorial Church. She has already served with great distinction as an Appointed Minister since 2010. She will focus on outreach and growth through a Wedding Ministry.

Academic Achievements

  • Adult Education Certificate – MRU
  • Certified Trainer – Achieve Global
  • Dale Carnegie Course (How to Win Friends and Influence People)


Gardening, walking, travelling.


Rev Laurie has a deep faith in the energy and love that surrounds all humans and living things. For Laurie, it’s the glue that keeps us connected and the force behind miracles, revelations and gives us the ability to find the beauty and purpose in everything.

Pastoral Care

Over the past few years, Rev Laurie hasn’t had the time or resources (due to major changes in her life) to be able to reach out to the community in this way. It is something she is rededicating herself to, in the New Year.

Counseling Activities

Laurie has had experience with counseling people she has mentored while working at Dale Carnegie Training, as a career Counselor at ABM college and as a Recruiter in her day career.

She loves to assist people with new strategies for finding careers and encouraging ways of looking at life through a positive lens. 

Community Support

Laurie has been fortunate enough to volunteer for the Community Football Association to create a strong support outlet for her teenage sons.

She has given to the food bank, collected money to buy food for families struggling and fed the homeless in Vancouver during cold evenings.

Laurie has also volunteered for the Kinsmen at Stampede and the Whale Foundation in Maui.

Personal Growth

Laurie has read Lincoln the Unknown which she found truly inspiring, particularly for anyone that is facing obstacles and challenges. She has also been inspired by The Essential Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: The Essence of Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence (Essential Deepak Chopra).

Both books have been eye-opening and piqued her curiosity and helped her to keep it real!

She loves to share her beliefs when anyone asks.

Closing Words from Rev Laurie

“Clergy Support Memorial Church has been a strong support network for me in good and challenging times and I’m blessed to be part of the congregation.”


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