Rev Jeanette Hunter


On June 13, 2017, Rev Hunter was Appointed a Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church by action of the Board. Since that time, she has had a distinguished career in the Church. The Church Board recognized this contribution to the Church and decided to raise her to the status of Ordained Minister of Word (Worship), Sacrament, and Pastoral Care. (October 1, 2018)


This past year has been such a pure joy and delight. As a Designated Minister, I have seen so many beautiful moments of families coming together to celebrate their children beginning new chapters in their lives. The sheer love, commitment, gratitude, innocence, humor and excitement of these beautiful couples, has been a pure blessing to see firsthand.

To be a part of their experiences has left me without words fully capable to express my deepest gratitude. It has changed so much for me. Thank you, Clergy Support Memorial Church!


Before coming to Clergy Support Memorial Church, I was an Ordained Minster with the Universal Life Church Monastery.

Presently owner of Elysium-Transformational Life Coaching (Founded in Feb of 2017). This is both a business and a Ministry.

Some Training

  • I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.
  • I am a Certified Universal Sphere® Practitioner.
  • I am Certified in Reiki Level One.


  • Writing, (I am a self-published author of two books).
  • I love teaching and writing & creating programs for my clients in my business.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Rock & crystal collecting.
  • Creating crystal jewelry.
  • Creating crystal energy bath salt soaks.
  • Walking our puppy.
  • Biking.
  • Guiding groups of people through meditation, and including all facets of my business into my everyday life.
  • Spending time with our family, & friends.

Ministry Outreach

I am currently running a test pilot for a program that I designed called “Masterfully design your ideal life, marriage and relationships.” I also have created a 40 Day Self Love Program, a Youth Empowerment program, and will be leading my upcoming 1-day workshop “The Self Love Project & Journey” workshop at the end of Sept. In 2017 I taught 3 programs with our local FCSS “From Lack to Abundance”, “Magnetizing and Manifesting” and the “Create Your Ideal Body” Program, and in February of 2018 I taught “Masterfully Creating the Life You Desire”.

My future ministry goals are to work closely with the Military, both US and Canadian to help ease the many cases of PTSD, through the Universal Sphere® technique, as well as life coaching, and meditation. Most recently I had the wife of a young man, who is US Army Military, reach out to me to ask for support. He is currently suffering from PTSD, and they asked for my support.

My own spouse is Canadian Airforce Military, and there have been many challenges in the past 8 years that together that we are facing and we talk through to find the highest and best perspective, outcome and hope possibly to bring forth unexpected positive outcomes.

I am honored to become an Ordained Minister with the Clergy Support Memorial Church.