Rev Heather Klatt


Rev Heather, who lives in Leduc County, was appointed a Designated Minister in August, 2017. She quickly demonstrated a strength of character and caring that continues to this day. The church Board recognized this contribution to the Church and decided to raise her to the status of Ordained Minister. Having a wide range in her ministry, she will also will focus on the family units and outreach, plus Grief and Loss Support. In this context, life experience will be treated as analogous to academic theological training.


“Often, I try to re-evaluate, what is important in life and in my ministry. I try to look back at journeys I have been on, to remind myself what got me through those journeys. I try to remind myself that it wasn’t the materialistic things, but love and support from friends and family and faith in all of humanity, that got me through these times of trials and tribulations. I enjoy reading, but music is my go to, to re-evaluate and remind myself of how to live for others, to make me a better person. One of my favorite artists is Garth Brooks, favorite songs are “The River”, “People Loving People” and “We Shall be Free”. The other favorite is Michael W Smith “Place in This World” and “Friends”.  If I find myself doubting the path I am following, these songs will remind me what, I believe, our role is here on earth. To help others!”

Pastoral Care Ministry

I visit Salem Manor Home in Leduc on a daily basis. This started with my elderly Father moving into the facility. I have gotten to know many of the residents over the past couple of years. I enjoy listening to their many stories and just being there some days to hold their hands.

Counseling Ministry

Having been through many life experiences myself, I always am happy to be a listening ear for someone else. I have assisted couple’s who weren’t sure how to deal with including a parent with Alzheimer’s in their wedding ceremony to being leery of an ex-spouse attending, uninvited, to a ceremony. I have never looked at what some would call “hardships” in my life as bad experiences. I have always referred to them as life’s lessons. If I could assist someone going through a similar instance in there life, then I have succeeded in passing on these life’s lessons.

Memberships Service, Club/Lodge memberships

  • Majority Member of Job’s Daughters International
  • Past Honored Queen, Past Miss Alberta Job’s Daughters,
  • Past Grand Bethel Honored Queen of Alberta


My hobbies include travel, downhill skiing, hockey and hiking. In my spare time, we raise purebred Red Angus. I love outdoors and nature. I will do anything as long as it can allow me to be outdoors enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.

Giving Back

I have been active with the Santa’s Anonymous campaign in Edmonton for 15 years. Other than that, I try to give in the quietest ways possible. When I know someone is in need of food, I will drop food off at his or her door. If someone does not have anywhere to go for a holiday, our dinner table always has an extra chair. I always want people to know that there is always someone there for them when needed.

Closing Words

This last year of serving the Church has brought much joy and insight to my life. I have had the privilege of helping couples plan their special day. I have found that I have been welcomed into so many families, through this process. There have been times that we have discussed the passing of a loved one, and how they would like them honored during the wedding ceremony. We have discussed a new life being brought into this world, and how that has made the ceremony truly a birth of a new family. I have met people from very different experiences and backgrounds this year. Every one of them has wanted the same basic goal for their wedding day, a day to celebrate love with those nearest and dearest to them. I would like to thank all the couples for allowing me to be a part of that!