Rev Cindy Engelen



Rev Cindy, who lives in Calgary, was appointed Designated Minister in 2016. Our Board has decided that the quality of her life’s experience and dedicated service she could assume this rank in our Ordered Ministry. Her main focus is solemnizing weddings for non-church couples.

Rev Cindy’s Credo

“I always try to see the best in people. And live life to the fullest if I can. When I want something I just go after it. I just want to be the best ‘me’ I can be and give back what I can and to do my part every day. It’s simple but It works for me.  I’m not a person that talks about myself so I’m going to leave it at that. I’ve learned not to let tragedy define me.”


  • Extensive life experience.
  • In-house training via the Canadian Ministers Institute. Awarded the CMI Training Certificate.


  • Wedding photography.
  • Upcycling sliver-plate silverware into jewelry.
  • Self-taught welder.
  • Honey bees – we make lip balm and other products from the wax.
  • I enjoy skiing, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Giving Back

  • Volunteering – helping at the local school now for WE Day raising money for clean water.
  • I help the kids at the school to raise money for their school trips.
  • Contributing to Cancer Fund, Kinsmen Care Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Stars.

Church Background

As a designated minister, I do not lead Sunday services but I have gone to church for many years. In Calgary, we have a Sunday service at our school which makes it easy for me to attend.

My adopted parents put me in Sunday school at the age of 7. We were married in the United church in 1994. I think the church has helped me get through a lot – I didn’t have the best home life. I think if I hadn’t had an out, life could have been much different for me I’m sure.

Three Words that Describe Me

Dedicated, caring, and humble.

Great Books

Dale Carnegie. The Power of Positive Thinking and his other books.

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