Rev Barbara Kovatch (BA; BEd; MEd) Extended Bio


Rev Barbara, from Calgary, came to us as a Designated Minister in November 2016 and since then has had a distinguished career in Ministry. Our Board has recognized this and have decided to move her to the status of Ordained Minister.

My Theology

“In my experience, there are many people not comfortable with the language and tradition of organized religion. Yet, like all humans, they recognize the importance of marking significant life events, such as births, marriage and death. Everybody, at some time in their life, needs spiritual support, expressed in a way that they find meaningful, to comfort them through the difficulties that affect us all and to share their life’s joy.”

Academic Achievements

University of Calgary B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.


  • Alberta Social Studies Council: long term contribution
  • Pan Canadian Student Choice Teaching Award


Deep Water Aquatics instructor, Travelling (over 45 different countries) and Vocal Jazz performer, Ukulele, Dance.

Personal Growth

  • Calgary Holistic Death Network
  • Community and Political Involvement
  • Advocate for a national pharmicare program

Pastoral Care

In addition to my ministry, I love to reach out to the non-church community and help them with their wedding. Thus my role performing weddings provides an important spiritual service to families that do not participate in organized religious services.

In addition, my life has been deepened over the last two years since I have been attending a series of workshops through the Calgary Holistic Death Network, as well as studying and researching Grief and Loss Support. Loss can be especially challenging during times of celebration. Over the last wedding season, I twice worked with couples struggling with the loss of a significant family member.

At one of the network sessions I met a woman whose husband had MS and was very close to end of life. I performed their marriage ceremony for them at no cost. Present were the couple, myself and the caretakers as witnesses; it was a beautifully intimate ceremony that I will never forget.

Ministering to the least, the lonely and the lost makes me grateful to Clergy Support Memorial Church who have enabled me in Ministry.

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