Rev Susan Fae Haglund

Susan Fae Haglund 2021-smallerOrdination

Rev Susan, who lives in Calgary, was Appointed a Designated Minister on August 20th, 2014. Since that time, she has served the church and her community with distinction. She was invited to accept Ordination status in early August 2018. We are pleased to report she has accepted this honour.

Academic Background

Qualifications re Clergy Support Church ‘Standards of Ministry’
‘Certificate of Achievement’  Canadian Ministers Institute
Bachelor of Arts University of Calgary
Diploma Mount Royal University Marketing


I was born into a loving and caring Catholic family, and continue my daily meditation practice using the Rosary, and connecting weekly with my church community.


I have expanded my spirituality and prayer through visiting holy sanctuaries in Alberta, and educating myself of the different beliefs and theology of religions. One spiritual place I visit most often is Nose Hill Park which is known for; one First Nations Medicine Wheel, a Universal Labyrinth, and mesmerizing mountain view.

“Nature is God’s first language” as my friend Sr. Clare Frances once told me, and I continue to believe.

I gained friendships, with new knowledge of religions and prayer communities through my volunteer work as a Chaplain at YYC airport. I discovered so many God loving people curious about other faiths, wanting to understand more about their surroundings, as well as wanting to share their own beliefs.

Expanding my knowledge in faiths and communities I belong to a Canadian Book club based on spiritual & theology books.


-2015 Volunteer of the Year award with PALS – Pet Access League Society.
-Volunteer with the City of Calgary Tree Planting in Calgary – Awarded Volunteer Group 2005.

Giving Back to my Community

Volunteer Chaplin at YYC
Often what a worried person needs is a shoulder to lean on or a tender ear to listen to their times of trouble. In the quiet space of the chapel; travelers, staff, and visitors found comfort in meditation or prayer but most often seeking someone to listen to their story. My weekly shifts for over a year gave me new friendship, knowledge and compassion for the lonely and lost. It was a pleasure to serve.

Rotary Flames House
Through PALS (Pet Access league Society) I volunteered with my dog Charlie, at the most amazing place where I gained a huge respect for life. A child with a mature soul can do so much to the spirit of others and yet it’s so little that I gave but felt so big to families and staff.


  • Avid gardener; love my backyard planting and maintaining perennials and annual plants.
  • Hiking; love the Alberta Foothills and Mountains, maintain a healthy outdoor walking habit.
  • Reading and illustrating for children; as an artist it is a joy to participate in teaching children to read and write. Volunteer library and home-schooled children.
  • Yoga – participate daily.

What I Found Meaningful this Year Serving the Church 2020-21

No one is spared an easy life, nor spared the fear of catching a virus. Finding your support and happy place during times of uncertainty is what pulls us through.

I discovered couples that followed through with their wedding plans, having altered the ceremony or celebration found the outcome more meaningful and intimate. I encouraged family participation in the ceremony and when the setting was in nature (a very healthy place) all seems to be more relaxed.

Regular practice in everything gains knowledge and professionalism, when praying daily in a community of faith I gained more; friendships, personal mental strength, loyalty and I look forward to the daily connection. It doesn’t have to be in-person; the idea of connection via technology has a new meaning to me. I’ve made global connections and more knowledge of what life is to others.

My ministry is rewarding spiritually. In the end, we all want to have people around us, with us. I am often the person who has the time and desire to listen to the valued stories and memories. I love to learn, through people or experiencing part of someone’s important moment in their lives. It is quite exciting.