Rev Susan Fae Haglund


Rev Susan, who lives in Calgary, was Appointed a Designated Minister on August 20th, 2014. Since that time, she has served the church and her community with distinction. She was invited to accept Ordination status in early August 2018. We are pleased to report she has accepted this honour.

Academic Background

Qualifications re Clergy Support Church ‘Standards of Ministry’
‘Certificate of Achievement’  Canadian Ministers Institute
Bachelor of Arts University of Calgary
Diploma Mount Royal University Marketing

Elder Care Ministry – Institutional Visiting

In addition to the examples of my Pastoral care activities mentioned elsewhere in this report, as a minister to senior citizens, my pastoral care activities include:

  1. Bethany Calgary – Retirement Home
  2. Bow-Crest Long Term Care – Nursing Home
  3. Bow View Manor – Nursing Home
  4. The Edgemont Retirement Residence – Nursing Home
  5. Hillcrest/Extended care

Church Growth

In addition to my congregational ministry, I conduct Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage, for non church people hoping to draw them into the Church Fellowship .


Our Christian Church community worships once a week with a congregation.I also meditate daily on Nose Hill Park; via First Nations Medicine Wheel, and Universal Labyrinth as well as Nature Walks. All of this is part of my worship regimen.


  • 2015 Volunteer of the Year award with PALS – Pet Access League Society.
  • Volunteer with the City of Calgary Tree Planting in Calgary – Awarded Volunteer Group 2005.

Continuing Education

  • Voice Activated training with Jane MacFarlane; voice lessons, improving public speaking (12 week sessions)
  • Professional development; ongoing workbooks, and workshops online with Darren Hardy
  • Glenbow Museum visits, self-guided art history
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, self-guided nature studies
  • Always inspired by TED talks (Technology Education and Design)

    Giving Back to my Community

    • Volunteer as a Chaplain at the Calgary YYC Airport Chapel one evening a week.
    • Volunteer work with Senior Citizens and the post-secondary school pet therapy visits during exam time.
    • My weekly visits with YYC airport therapy dogs for visitors and staff.
    • Compassion for the environment; promoting healthy yards
    • I volunteer with art centres by teaching art and donating art supplies so that everyone can participate. These classes are in the community or local public facilities, even homeschoolers.


  • Avid gardener; love my backyard planting and maintaining perennials and annual plants.
  • Hiking; love the Alberta Foothills and Mountains, maintain a healthy outdoor walking habit.
  • Reading and illustrating for children; as an artist it is a joy to participate in teaching children to read and write. Volunteer library and home-schooled children.
  • Yoga – participate daily.

What I Found Meaningful this Year Serving the Church

All the activities mentioned in this report are theologically analogous to worship and prayer.

  • My Pastoral Care Ministry to seniors – advocating for seniors. I believe the family is important, I encourage and support the building and development of family communication.
  • Helping raise funds for a food bank, supporting woman immigrants, developing social networks, participating in Sunday dinner for “In from the Cold”.
  • Cultural diversity, the many different and important historical Life Celebration ceremonies that I have performed.
  • The love of nature and family; partners who want family (including dogs and cats) to be a part of the Life Celebration Ceremony. Even, families from different countries finding the freedom to express their love and compassion for one another, and on the other hand the desperate need for a family with friends for others.

My ministry is rewarding spiritually. In the end, we all want to have people around us, with us. I am often the person who has the time and desire to listen to the valued stories and memories. I love to learn, through people or experiencing part of someone’s important moment in their lives. It is quite exciting.