Rev Pierre Jean-Louis (BTh; MTS)


Rev Pierre has served the Church since May 2015, first in Ottawa then in Edmonton as an Appointed Designated Minister. Our Board has decided that the quality and body of his ministry and his life’s experience is deserving of being moved to the rank of Ordained Minister as of November 23rd 2017. Carried unanimously.

Our church has several of its ministers set apart to focus their ministry on conducting wedding ceremonies for couples who are not members of the fellowship. These ministers make their witness in a variety of important ways but conducting weddings is a primary concern. Rev Pierre is a Minister of Pastoral Care in every sense of that word who makes time for his other ministries..

Outreach & Church Growth

Part of my ministry is conducting weddings for non church members via Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage, hoping to add them to the Church Fellowship.
I also serve :
Elder Care. He is now a chaplain at large to the senior’s communities in Edmonton
Special supporting ministry to the LGBTQ+ community.
Teaching Ministry to the vulnerable sector.
Helping with the spiritual needs of people with mental disabilities

Pierre says: “My current focus is simple, I prefer to promote my support of the elderly and work to promote recognition and independence for these vulnerable members of our society. I have worked with seniors, Alzheimer’s patients, as well as people with intellectual disabilities and continue to do so. I have found that promoting a spiritual relationship through pastoral care helps to create independence.”

Academic Achievements

  • He holds a certificate from the Canadian Ministers Institute covering all aspects of training for Life Celebrations and Pastoral Care.
  • Rev Pierre holds a certificate in Anglican studies, a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Pastoral Theology from St Paul University in the University of Ottawa.

Ministerial History

He has served as a military chaplain and an Anglican minister before coming to Clergy Support Memorial Church.
Lay Minister St James Anglican Church, Hull, QC.
Youth Coordinator Riverside United Church Ottawa.
Cadet Chaplain CFB Connaught, Ottawa.
L’Arche, Ottawa. Pastoral Care to persons with intellectual disabilities.
Chaplain Chartwell Retirement Residence and Rockcliffe Retirement Home.


Awarded the ‘Spirit of ST Paul 2004 for setting up a Disability Centre for the University.


Cooking and travel (23 countries so far).

Works of Charity -Ottawa

  • Lay Minister St. James Anglican Church-Liturgy of the Word.
  • Spiritual Advisor Centre 454, Homeless Centre.
  • Senior Coordinator St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa. Created workshops, visited senior home, set up Easter and Christmas reflections.
  • Youth Coordinator St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa.
  • Substitute Cook for St. Joseph’s Supper Table.
  • Mentor to four Syrian families.