Rev Peter Sheridan

Peter Sheridan - 3104 - 600x600Ordination

Rev Peter Sheridan joined Clergy Support Memorial Church as an Appointed Designated Minister on February 2nd, 2018. Our Board decided to recognize Peter as an Ordained Minister on December 3rd, 2018. He is the Executive Director of Life Recovery Ministries whose focus is on a prison ministry and various recovery groups. Since moving to Calgary, he has been ministering with the Central United Church since 2003 and he also heads up the Prison Ministry and conducts 12-Step Meetings in the Calgary Young Offenders Centre and the Calgary Remand Centre.

Rev Peter has written an article on the importance of his ministry in prisons.

Thoughts on Ministry

Over the years Peter has developed a formula that allows him to talk about GOD or the God of their understanding without scaring people away from religion. Many don’t realize all of the steps in the 12-step program come right out of the Bible. Because his Christian ministry is centered around homeless people and addictions, he’s aware that most have been turned away by regular church. His life experience and ministry offer hope and a gentle transition, helping his parishioners and the disenfranchised rediscover their spirituality and religion once again. Nothing pleases him more than seeing GOD working in their lives and knowing it’s truly nothing short of a miracle.

Academic Achievements

  • Mount Royal University, Addictions Counselling
  • Life Coach and Grief Counselor

Pastoral Care Work

Peter’s calling to pastoral care ministry began in 1968 while serving with the RCMP in Île-à-la-Crosse in Northern SK, a remote aboriginal community. Seeing the need for direction and spiritual guidance in local youth and, in the hopes of improving his relationship with local community as a whole, he started a Boy Scout Troop. He has fond memories of camps and outings including a well-attended Sunday service with 85 boys.

After leaving the RCMP in 1985, u where he held many positions at the local, regional and provincial levels, assisting them with training the next generation of Scout leaders, again, always in the role of chaplain and spiritual leader. As his ministry grew, he became involved in the Anglican Church in Melfort, SK and was on the board of elders.

At this time he does not have time to develop a wedding ministry.


With little time to call his own, Peter admits to loving a BBQ and working on his yard.