Rev Pamela Willerton (BTh)


Rev Pam Willerton has had a long and varied life as a person of Faith since her deeply moving religious experience in 1987.

She was an Appointed Designated Minister of Life Celebrations with Clergy Support Memorial Church from December 9, 2014. Since that time, she has demonstrated a caring spirit to all she meets. She has a special gift for helping in grief situations and other hurting situations. Recognizing her wide and varied life experiences, she was raised to the Office of Ordained Minister by the Church Board on April 9th, 2015. Carried unanimously. 

Pam is the leader and founder of the Horizon Spiritual Centre Pastoral Charge in Edmonton.

Outreach & Church Growth
Part of her ministry is conducting weddings for non church members via Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage hoping to add them to the Church Fellowship.
In addition she also serves in a Ministry of :
Bereavement – end of life care
Elder Care – Institutional Visiting
Ministry with LGBT focus. (Community Outreach).

Rainbow Ministry 🌈

In addition to her regular Edmonton ministry outlined above , Pam represents our national office in Ottawa in a Canada wide outreach program to the LGBTQ+ communities, called the Rainbow Ministry. This program offers local specialized outreach to men and women of the local LGBTQ+ community, with Worship, Sacrament, Counselling, Visitation and Pastoral Care. The LGBTQ+ is a community that require a specialized form of understanding and ministry to help them, should the need arise.

Academic Achievements
  • First Year. The Canadian Ministers Institute 2019
  • University of Manitoba studied Fine Arts 1.5 years
  • Bachelor of Theology Degree in Pastoral Work & Church Planting. Gardner Bible College. Camrose, Alberta.
  • Courses in Theology at St. Stephens Theological College Edmonton at a Masters level.
Ministerial Experience
  • Spiritual journey deepened (Born Again) 1987
  • Chaplain Unitarian Church 2003-2009
  • Pastor Horizon Spiritual Centre 2010
  • Appointed a Designated Minister of Life celebrations Clergy Support Memorial Church December 9, 2014.
  • Ordained April 9 2015 with ministry focused in the areas of: funerals , Weddings and Ministry of Church Outreach & Growth.
  • Youth Pastor. Free Methodist Church while at Bible College 2 years
  • Part of the Pastoral team at Northwood Church 1991-95
  • Ministerial Licence (Ordained), The Church of God in Western Canada 1994-95 (Pentecostal)
  • Youth Minister at Metropolitan Church of Edmonton 4 years
Giving Back
  • Volunteer sexual assault center of Edmonton (S.A.C.E) 10 years. Crisis Line Worker, team leader, workshop presenter with 88 hours training.
  • Visits and cares for the elderly at Bethany Long-Care Centre
  • Coached Ringette
  • Ross Brook House, drop in center for native youth.

She is described by all who know her as captivating, compassionate, sincere and genuine.