Rev Kerry Yeo


Kerry was Appointed a Designated Minister on February 21, 2012. After five years of ministry with the church at that level our Board has decided that the quality of her life experiences is deserving of being moved to the rank of Ordained Minister. Carried unanimously. Dec 12 2019.

Church Worship

I serve the Church  as an Ordained Minister  and represent the Church at the Center of Spiritual Living in Edmonton.

Outreach & Church Growth

In addition, part of my ministry is conducting weddings for non church members via Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage, hoping to add them to the Church Fellowship.
I also serve as a:
Bereavement Minister – end of life care
Elder Care – Institutional Visiting

Continuing Education

Received ‘A Certificate of Achievement’ (Year 1) from The Canadian Minister’s Institute September 24 2019

In addition I am continuously studying personal growth through books, online and classroom courses including authors such as Michael Beckwith, Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Ernest Holmes.


I really enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. Once they find out that I am clergy they will share details of their lives with me. Sometimes all is needed is to be a good listener. This is a good way to build relationships especially with couples when I conduct their weddings.

I have conducted a wedding in a hospital room, the bride having gone into labor early and the couple really wanted to be married before their baby entered this world. Family members were happy to be witnesses. I actually conducted a commitment ceremony for this couple on the earlier date they had planned.

Many couples call on me as a minister once I have celebrated their wedding. For example, I conducted a wedding ceremony for a couple a few years ago and, later, the bride’s two sisters invited me to conduct their ceremony. Even later again, I conducted a ceremony of Baptism for these sisters.

A few years after one ceremony I conducted, the bride’s mother passed away and they called on me as the Minister. They asked me to conduct their mother’s Celebration of Life. I was honored to do so.

I will sometimes waive my fee for couples that are financially challenged. I feel it is a gift to couples that would not otherwise be able to be married because of the cost.

I minister pastoral care at care facilities such as Allen Gray and Zetter Care Centre. I listen and even play cards, and help with meals and go for walks with seniors. I really enjoy doing anything to cheer up a day for a senior.

This year I found that providing pastoral care in a variety of settings to be a real blessing. I feel it is a way to serve people in many ways. I may conduct weddings, celebrations of life and baptisms for many family members but each event draws out my pastoral care skills. Being understanding and accepting of all beliefs and cultures is something that I care about and provide for others and people seem to care that I do. Many people have joined our fellowship because of the events that started with a request that I conduct their wedding.

Giving Back to My Community

Our team collected over 100 hats and scarves for  the Bissell Centre to keep our street folks warm last winter.

Pet Shelters are also very important to me. I provide pet bathing products and treats for the Sylvan Lake Pet Shelter. It is always fun to go and help bathe new arrivals at this shelter.

Little League Canada is also a way for me to give back to kids in sports. I feel that participating in sports can keep students in school and build character. I volunteered in the recent National Championship in Edmonton.


Meditation, reading, kayaking, and barrel racing.


University of Alberta Alumni


Service of Excellence Award, Government of Alberta
Awarded for exceptional commitment to the citizens of Alberta who have been devastated by floods.

Volunteer of the Year, University of Alberta Athletics
Awarded for exceptional and continuous volunteerism as the manager of the U of A Pandas Rugby Program.

Volunteer Appreciation, Kenilworth Junior High, McNally High School, Weinlos Elementary School.
Awarded for administration and classroom support