Rev Judith Docken B.A.


Judith, who lives in Calgary, was Appointed a Designated Minister on July 4, 2017. Prior to that, she was a co-pastor for eleven years. Our Board has decided that due to the quality of her life’s experience and dedicated service, she is deserving of being moved to the rank of Ordained Minister. Carried unanimously.

Academic Achievements

Bachelor of Arts, Religion and Theology, Ambassador College – Pasadena, California
Qualifications re Clergy Support Church ‘Standards of Ministry’
‘Certificate of Achievement’  Canadian Ministers Institute

Church Growth

In addition to my ministry outlined below, I  have an active outreach ministry  conducting weddings for non church members via Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage, hoping to add them to the Church Fellowship.


Over eleven years, I have participated in and led Christian worship in a variety of ways – music services, prayer groups and small groups.

I practice my own personal worship in meditation, study, and communion with the Powers and Energies that surround and encompass all.

Pastoral Care Activities

Bereavement Ministry – end of life care
Elder Care – Institutional Visiting

I continue the ministry that I spent eleven years doing, from 1985 to 1996, before coming to Clergy Support. I spent untold hours  sitting with widows in hospitals on the death of their husbands, or counselling and supporting single mothers, teaching children’s Bible classes, leading music groups and participating in community outreach.

Counselling Activities

Friends frequently come to me to talk through issues with family or relationships. If I cannot offer guidance, I help them contact the help they need. I spoke with one groom whose mother had passed away just before the wedding, offering support and encouragement.

Study Groups

Writers groups – I belong to a number of in-person and online writers groups where we share ideas, support, mentorship and education.

Fundamental Christian Bible Study groups for teaching, mentoring and support.

Personal Growth and Study

  • 2016 – Completed a three-part course on Dante’s Divine Comedy through Georgetown University’s EdX Online University.
  • 2015 – Completed a course on Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought through the University of Hong Kong’s EdX Online University.
  • 2017 – Completion of Fundamentals of AutoCAD, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Impactful Books

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle; Carl G. Jung, Man and His Symbols


Organic gardener, bird watcher, writer, editor, music, art, traditional crafts, animal rights and human rights advocate.

Closing Words

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Clergy Support Memorial Church ministry of Life Celebrations along with my other ministries.  I enjoy participating in the special day of these lovely couples and being able to add some sense of calm and order to their ceremonies. Being able to help make their wedding everything they want it to be is such a blessing, and I have enjoyed every wedding I have done. Thank-you so much for making me part of the Pastoral Care team.