Rev Dr Deborah Parr

Deborah Parr - 345 - 600x600Rev Dr Deb Parr, who lives in Sherwood Park, was Ordained into the ministry of Clergy Support Memorial Church Feb 11 2010. She is caring, compassionate and a quality listener.  Deb tries to live by the motto ’Be kind to one another’. Her beliefs perfectly exemplify those of CSMC. Her goal is for people to see God and not her.

Ordained in Feb 11 2010, Deb has a varied focus in her long and successful ministry:

Elder Care. Ministry of personal assistance to seniors (35 years).
She has a Counselling minister (life, stress/trauma).
12 Step Recovery ministries (addictions, mental health),
She is a professional Spiritual Director – Life Coach minister.

She represents our head office as part of the church’s ministerial team mentoring – training of new clergy.

Concurrent Rainbow Ministry 🌈

Church Growth

In addition to her own congregation, Deb  also has an active outreach ministry  conducting weddings for non church members via Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage, hoping to add them to the Church Fellowship.

As you can see, Deb has a varied focus in her ministry.

As an Ordained Minister, these are Rev Deb’s spiritual gifts that give her focus:

Worship – The ability to proclaim and apply God’s truth Sunday by Sunday so that believers may be edified, encouraged and consoled and non-believers convinced.
Pastoral Care – The ability to help others in their lives and ministries by aiding them in practical ways.
Prayer – The ability to pray faithfully for others and to identify specific answers to those prayers.
Discernment – The ability to distinguish between truth and error to know when a person or act is of God.
Faith – The ability to envision what God wants to happen and to be certain that He will do it in response to prayer, even when there is no concrete evidence.
Giving – The ability to support God’s work materially with generous timely and cheerful contribution.
Encouragement – The ability to motivate people through encouraging words to live practical Christian lives.
Mercy – The ability to empathize with those who are hurting and to translate that into cheerful acts of service.