Rev Debra Harrison


Rev Harrison, who lives in Sherwood Park, was appointed to the office of a Designated Minister on September 9, 2013. Since that time, she has served the church with dignity, professionalism and great wisdom. On October 3rd, 2018, she was raised to Ordination status by the Church Board.

Our church has several of its ministers set apart to focus their ministry on conducting wedding ceremonies for couples who are not members of the fellowship. These ministers make their witness in a variety of important ways but conducting weddings is a primary concern. Rev Debra is a Minister of Pastoral Care in every sense of that word who makes time for his other ministries below.

Church Growth & Outreach

AS above,part of my ministry is conducting weddings for non church members via Life Celebrations – Covenant of Marriage, hoping to add them to the Church Fellowship.

In addition to my main ministry I also serve:
Bereavement & Grief Care (Focus on suicide in families).
Elder care Ministry
Life Coaching Ministry

How People Describe Rev Debra

  • great attitude of compassion and caring
  • sense of humour
  • respect for all people

Giving Back to My Community

  • A friend’s son was hospitalized and when asked, my friend said they could really use some hot meals. For about ten weeks I made and delivered a hot meal to the family every week.
  • Weddings – I discussed and provided empathy while planning the ceremony for two brides, one whose family refuses to attend the ceremony. I listened to what she had to say and provided verbal support.
  • I adopted a rescue cat.

Life coaching &Counselling

  • friends turn to me to confide and listen to details of abusive relationships
  • friends use me as a sounding board when starting a new business

Personal Growth

In March 2018, I started working as a Soft Skills Instructor at Robertson College. I was required to learn and teach six different curriculums in the first two months.

Outside of paid class hours (before and after class), I help students achieve success with encouragement, help with verbal and written English language and working through extra exercises with them.

Ongoing – I help some foreign workers by speaking English with them and explaining meanings and spelling. The people I help with English, I’ve met through friends.

I am very patient and provide a “safe” environment for people from other cultures to practice and learn.